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Here an actual customer agreed to have her hair styled with Curl Junkie products. Yesenia has worn her hair relaxed straight for most of her life. She started to transition out of the relaxer a few months ago and had about an inch left of relaxed ends. She has been wearing her hair in its naturally curly state the majority of the time, but decided to have it blown straight in a salon about a week ago. This process however, burnt her hair and left the ends of her hair very damaged. This was our starting point.

Customer - Yesenia

Hair Type: Very curly/Tight-Curly Hair (3c/4a patches)
Hair Density: Thick
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Normal-High

We had cut her hair in the past so she could wear it in both a straight and curly state. We decided to cut off her dead ends and bring up her layers.

Since Yesenia's hair was slightly damaged due to the super hot blow-dry,
We then washed her hair with our Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and then used our Curl Fix conditioner as a leave-in to help condition and detangle her hair while we cut her hair.   We rinsed her hair and then used some Curl Assurance Smoothing Conditioner to detangle and smooth out some frizz.

We applied a small amount of Beauticurls Leave-in Conditioner to the back section of her hair (where it was driest) and then applied a generous amount of Curls in a Bottle! to her hair and smoothed through (about a quarter sized amount per section of hair-about 5 sections). We then diffused her hair as shown above, staying on each section without moving about 5 minutes.

Here Yesenia's hair is about 90% dry.

At this point, we wanted to see what it would look like stretched out a bit. So we used the blow-dryer on a low-med setting to stretch the hair to give it more length.

As you can see her hair has loosen up a little and this also helps to give the hair bounce and movement.

We then decided to scrunch her hair for more volume

While scrunching her hair this way, we decided we liked the look with her hair pushed up at the sides.

We gave her a curly faux-hawk style.

Final Result: Yesenia does not want to risk damaging her hair to get it blown straight any time soon and wants to remain faithful to her curly style. She loves the softness and shine her hair has as well as the big volume and versatility!