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Here an actual customer agreed to have her hair styled with Curl Junkie products. Richeau uses many different products to style her hair since it is so thick. The downside of this is that the hair can feel weighed down and "product-y". Also, her hard holding gel can cause flaking and white spots in the hair. Below, she has been wearing this style for approximately 2 days and although it still looks good, she has a little frizzies/flaking and her hair feels coated with product. This was our starting point.

Customer -Richeau

Hair Type: Wavy/Tight-Curly Hair (s-wave sections, 3c/4b patches)
Hair Density: Thick
Hair Texture: Normal (small Coarse section in back of head)
Hair Porosity: High

Richeau wears her hair in a variety of ways. She does "wash and wear"'s, twist, braids and sometimes uses a flat-iron on her hair. She also tries out new products all the time to help her style her very thick hair.

Richeau's hair needed a trim to get rid of some split ends, but wanted to retain the length and shape. We washed her hair with our Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and conditioned it with our Beauticurls Daily Conditioner. For Deep Conditioning, Richeau loves our Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix or Curl Rehab.

We decided to do two-strand twists on her hair. We took a small section (1 1/2"-2" square) at a time and used our Hibiscus & Banana Honey Butta to help detangle and add mosture to her hair. Then we used a brush to detangle the hair. After brushing through the section, we applied some Aloe Fix and a little Curls in a Bottle! (mid-shaft through ends) and smoothed through.

Then we began to twist the hair section by section. We used different sized sections to have twists of slightly varying dimensions.

Richeau indicated where she normally wears her part and we finished the two-strand twists. She can wear her hair out and about like this until dry or use a hooded dryer/diffuser to dry.

We found that using the Curls in a Bottle! towards the ends of her hair helped the ends to not unravel and remain smooth.

We then placed her under a hooded dryer for approximately 20 minutes to make sure her roots were dry. Then we used a diffuser as shown above to finish drying her twists and to allow the ends to curl up a bit.

When her hair was about 90% dry we unraveled the twists carefully so as not to cause frizz or split the twists. We then continued to diffuse the different sections of her hair for another 10-15 minutes.

Her hair is now 100% dry.

Richeau loves volume in her hair and styles like these suit her happy and wonderful personality.

Final Result: Richeau has defined beautiful curls with shine and bounce!