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Here an actual client agreed to have her hair styled with Curl Junkie products. We have colored and cut her hair in the past, but she has always wanted it blown out straight at the end of the process. She had her doubts if the products would work for her hair and figured she could always have it blown straight again if she did not like the results. At home, Jen normally dries her hair with a blow-dryer and then runs a flat iron several times over small sections of hair to achieve the look below. This was our starting point.

Customer - Jen

Hair Type: Wavy/Curly Hair (2c, 3a & 3b)
Hair Density: Thick
Hair Texture: Coarse
Hair Porosity: Low to Normal

Jen does not wear her hair in its natural state because she feels it is too hard to manage. If left to dry naturally without product, her hair expands and gets frizzy. When she has tried to wear it curly in the past with the use of gel, she found that her hair would dry too hard or "crunchy" and her curls would fall out quickly.

Jen's hair was cut & colored one week prior to taking these pictures. Here we washed her hair with our Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioned with our new BeautiCurls Argan & Olive Oil Daily Conditioner.

Since we had to wet her hair in a sink (upside down) we needed to comb out her hair. We applied some Curl Rehab to her hair and combed it through with a wide toothed comb.

If you are rinsing your hair standing up in your shower, you can use a comb or just use your fingers to smooth through the Curl Rehab (Works best under this product for Normal-Coarse hair) or Beauticurls Leave-in (Works best under this product for Fine-Normal hair-use a small amount), making sure all parts of your hair are covered with a small amount of leave-in. Very Fine hair types can skip a leave-in and just use Curls In a Bottle! by itself without any leave-in.

Jen then parted her hair as she would normally wear it and we combed the hair into place as above.

Note that Jen's hair length is almost to her waist.

We then used our fingers to rake through Curls in a Bottle! We used about a Quarter-sized amount for each of the four sections of her hair (sides and back).

Make sure to smooth/rake product through hair into every section to prevent frizz.

Using a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment, we took a small section of hair, scrunched it up (using the diffuser) to her head and held it there without moving for 2-3 minutes. Use the same action for each section of hair until you have partially dried the whole head. Here her hair is about 80% dry.

Here is Jen's hair about 80% dry. Notice the shine and curl definition.

Here is her hair approx. 90% dry.

Here Jen's hair is completely dry.

Final Results: Jen's hair is fully dry. We scrunched her hair to add volume. Her hair is not hard or crunchy and her curls lasted her through the next day! Jen was so happy to be able to wear her hair curly with a product that could control her frizz and make her styling options easier. She has now confessed to wanting to wear her hair more often in its natural state! We've got a Curl Junkie Convert!