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Here an actual customer agreed to have her hair styled with Curl Junkie products. In the picture below, Ivonne needed to get hair color to cover some gray hairs. She also needed a cut to revive her layers and get rid of her damaged ends. Ivonne usually wears her hair blown straight since her hair has a tendency to frizz and has uneven texture. She has been very frustrated having to spend so much time doing her hair, but has yet to find a product to help her do a wash and go that she is happy with.

Customer - Ivonne

Hair Type: Wavy/Curly Hair (2c, 3a)
Hair Density: Fine-Normal
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Normal

Ivonne does not like a lot of crunch in her products and her fine hair gets weighed down very easily.

This is Ivonne after we cut and colored her hair.  We washed her hair with our Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioned with our new Curl Fix Intensive Hair Treatment (since her hair was slightly damaged by all the blow-drying and she had slight breakage in the front parts of her hair).

We left the Curl Fix in her hair as we cut it so that it could have time to penetrate and we could easily detangle her hair. Next, we rinsed and followed with our new Curl Assurance Smoothing Conditioner to add softness and shine to her hair. We rinsed her hair and while still wet, we scrunched in a generous amount of
Curls in a Bottle! making sure to cover all of the hair, especially her frizziest parts in her bang area.

Here is a close up shot of one of her normally frizzy areas after applying Curls in a Bottle!

Next we used clips at her crown to help give her some height on the top of her hair once dry. This area is usually flat for her since her hair is so long.

We then used a diffuser on medium heat to dry her hair. We gently put small sections of hair in the diffuser and brought it to her head and held it there without moving for 5-6 minutes per section. You can also diffuse with your head flipped over if you do not want to use clips at the top of your head.

Here is Ivonne's hair 90% dry and un-scrunched.

Here is Ivonne's hair fully dry and still un-scrunched.

Side Shot

Final Results: Ivonne's natural wavy/curly hair pattern is enhanced and defined but is touchable and soft with plenty of shine and bounce. Ivonne's natural curls help to give her hair more body and movement then wearing it straight. Plus, it takes much less time and effort for her to wear it this way. Again, this style is better suited to her bubbly personality!